Off-Campus Proctoring

Approved proctors can be used by a student who:

Resides outside of Ames or have paper-based exams AND is in a course registered with the ISU Test Center for remote proctoring AND has approval from their instructor.

Remote proctors administer exams by monitoring students while they take exams to ensure the student is following the rules of the exam. Proctors enter the exam password so the student can access the exam (in the case of Canvas-based exams). They are unbiased individuals who have no personal association or affiliation with the student(s) they proctor.

  • Be professional, courteous, and unbiased toward the test taker
  • Create an environment conducive to testing for the test taker
  • Verify the identity of the test taker and ensure that the test taker is provided the correct test
  • Keep all test taker and test information confidential
  • Monitor every test taker for the entire testing session
  • Be aware of and communicate to the test taker any test requirements or prohibitions (use of materials, types of materials, etc.)
  • Take reasonable steps to deter and detect conduct that will materially and negatively affect a fair and secure testing experience
  • Report any testing irregularities or infractions to the Test Center immediately
  • A proctor must be unbiased toward you. No relative, friend, friend of the family, neighbor, or co-workers are allowed to serve as a proctor.
  • Your proctor must have an email address associated with their place of employment.
  • Applications may be rejected with domains ending in,,, etc.
  • In all circumstances, assessments must be proctored at the address listed in your application and your proctor must be able to monitor you while you complete the assessment.
  • You are not allowed to take an exam at a private residence.

  1. Attempt to locate a proctor within the first two weeks of your course. If your proctor is not available or is not accepted by the Test Center, you will need to locate a new proctor.
  2. Submit the proctor application with all required information as soon as a proctor has agreed to assist you in assessment completion.
  3. Consider the following employment categories as you are looking for a proctor:

– Local ISU Extension Office (there is an extension office in each of Iowa’s 99 counties)
– University/county extension office in any state
– Accredited university/college testing center
– Adult learning center (e.g., Sylvan, Huntington)
– Commissioned military officers
– Corporate Manager at your employer/internship (cannot be your direct supervisor)
– HR manager at your employer/internship
– K-12 administrator

You need to register a proctor with the Test Center each semester for each exam.

If you need to switch or change your proctors during the semester you may submit new proctor information to our office and your previous proctor will be removed.

Proctor applications must be submitted at least 7 calendar days prior to your first scheduled assessment to allow for proper approval and vetting.

Please ensure that you have communicated with your proctor prior to submitting a proctor request.  Proctor requests must be approved by the ISU Test Center and by your proctor.  Information about approved proctors is also provided to your faculty/instructor. Please ensure you have permission from your faculty/instructor to use an external proctor.

Forms must be filled out at least 7 calendar days prior to an exam open date.  Proctors receive information from the Test Center 72 hours before an exam open date.

Make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Your instructor name, course ID, and section number
  • Your email address
  • Your proctor’s contact information including address, email, and phone number
  • The name & address of the location the exam will take place

Instructors may require your exam to be proctored, or monitored, in a public location. Students are responsible for acquiring a suitable proctor. Please note: External proctors may be charge a fee. Students are responsible for any fees.

Select the “Approved Courses” section below to view the list of approved courses and fill out the form for each exam.

Below is a list of approved courses.  Identify your course and exams and select the appropriate link to submit your proctor form.  You MUST submit a form for each exam in an approved course at least 7 calendar days before an exam open date. If you have any questions, please email us at