What to Expect…

It is important to know what to expect of your experience in using the ISU Test Center.  Please read through the information below prior to your first exam appointment.

  • Avoid wearing heavy cologne or perfume that might distract other test takers.
  • Visit the restroom before checking-in.  If you have to leave to use the restroom, a report will be filed to your instructor.
  • Remove and properly dispose of any chewing gum.
  • Arrive up to 10 minutes before your appointment. We highly encourage you to arrive early to your appointment.
  • Have your appointment confirmation available, if needed.
  • Have your University ID card or other accepted photo identification out and ready.
  • Power down all electronic devices & remove watches.

  • Scan your University ID card at the check-in terminal.
  • Tell the proctor the course name, section, instructors name, and which exam you are taking.
  • Present any allowed materials (notes, calculators, etc.) for inspection.
  • You will be provided with a clipboard with scratch paper and colored cards before you are seated.
  • You are assigned an assigned seat upon registration, navigate to the seat you have been assigned.
  • Place your ID and the colored cards in the proper holders on the monitor of your terminal.

Take a deep breath before beginning to center yourself. You’ve got this!

Should you need assistance during your testing session, raise your hand to alert a proctor.  This includes for any hardware of software problems or distractions that affect your ability to take your assessment.  If your terminal displays an error message, please DO NOT remove the message.

Do your best – proctors are unable to answer inquiries regarding specific questions on your assessment but can send technical reports to your faculty if there are questions about exam setup.

  • When completed, log out of the testing terminal.
  • Gather your belongings, allowed materials, clipboard, and scratch paper.
  • At check-out, return the scratch paper clipboard and scratch paper as well as any approved notes that were brought in (no notes are allowed to leave a testing center location, even for multiple attempt assessments).
  • Scan your University ID card at the check-out terminal and wait to be dismissed by the check-out proctor.