Instructor Use Policies

Please review these instructor use policies prior to submitting an exam request.

**Bolded items are changes for Spring 2024**

  • Only medium to high-stakes assessments should be registered.
  • Please do not register reading quizzes or other low-stakes assessments.
  • Assessments must be delivered through Canvas. 3rd party exam providers are allowed as long as they are linked through Canvas and are tested by the instructor.
  • We do not currently proctor paper-based assessments in our test center locations.
  • Multiple-attempt exams are capped at two attempts and students must have two separate appointments. Student notes are not allowed to leave the test center.  Please make sure students know to have two sets of notes prepared for both of their attempts.

  • Exams are approved on a 1st come, 1st served basis (this includes final exam requests).
    • Some exams may not be approved due to center capacity issues and/or non-conformity to the instructor use policies.
    • Instructors may be asked to move a requested time period to better align with test center capacity.
    • The end date of an exam request is weighed heavily in determining capacity issues.
  • Assessment length should be no longer than class length, unless otherwise arranged.
  • Assessment length should be appropriate for the exam with no added time built in.
  • Assessments must be uploaded or published and ready at least 2 business days before the assessment opens to allow Test Center staff to complete a settings audit.
  • Instructors will not have access to change information (except for student restrictions on pre-release and make-up exams) after an exam has been approved.  Any changes must be sent to and can be administratively adjusted.

Exam Window (previously Time Blocks)

  • Assessments can be open anywhere from 2-5 days.

LockDown Browser (LDB) Use

  • Instructors must enable LDB link visibility on the Canvas navigation page if using LDB for an exam.
  • If you are allowing simple or scientific calculators, you must also enable this function in LDB settings.


Finals Week

  •  The Test Center has special extended hours, additional locations, and moves to a mostly walk-in only model with some limited appointments during Finals Week.  Please see our Finals Week webpage for additional information.
  • Instructors are highly encouraged to have their exam available the Saturday and Sunday before finals week.
  • Finals week exam requests are processed on a first-come/first-served basis.  Exam requests may not be approved or Test Center staff may request you to move your the end date of your exam to balance capacity.
  • Final exam requests must be submitted by the end of week 10. Exam requests submitted after week 10 will not be approved except for extenuating circumstances.

  • For assessments being taken in a Test Center location, the use of IP filtering is required. This limits assessment access to a test center terminal.
  • For assessments being proctored outside of a Test Center location, the use of a password is required. This password will be provided to a student’s approved proctor.

Instructors can approve online students for off-campus proctors in courses registered with the test center if a student:

  • Resides outside of Ames (or lives in Ames but but an exception is made by the instructor) OR has paper-based assessments

Students who are in Ames should use a test center location for their assessment, unless their assessment is a written assessment, or they are unable to complete an assessment due to center hours of operation.

Terms & Conditions for Faculty

By submitting your assessment request to the Test Center (TC), you agree to allow TC administrative staff limited access to change specific online Canvas assessment settings to facilitate the resolution of problems students may have in accessing assessments.

Settings** that TC admins may alter (as needed) are:

  • Make the link available (Often not activated when assessment is released)
  • Force Completion (This setting should NOT be used)
  • Timer → Auto-Submit (should be used in lieu of Force Completion)
  • Display after/Display until dates and times (Canvas exam should agree with information provided to TC in RegisterBlast)
  • IP filtering (to be used for all assessments taken in a Test Center location)
  • Password (to be used only for remote proctors. This should be the same as the password information provided to the TC in RegisterBlast)
  • Due Date (to be certain it does not conflict with the Display after/Display until options)
  • Links embedded in assessment instructions
  • Lockdown Browser settings including enabling calculator use

** – for Classic Quizzes; there may be slight differences in New Quizzes

Any changes that need to be made will normally be in response to a technical issue report that has been submitted to both the instructor for the course and the TC administration. Soon after any change has been made, the instructor of the course will be notified by email as to the resolution of the technical issue.  Test Center staff may change settings during a settings audit to align with Test Center policy and or previously submitted information via RegisterBlast.

Canvas Course Settings by Course Type

Below is information related to the settings that are required by the Test Center separated by course type.  If you have any questions, please contact