Can my student use an on-screen calculator if I use LockDown Browser in Canvas New Quizzes?


If you are using New Quizzes in the Test Centers and are allowing students to use a calculator, this feature must be active for students who may not have or forgot to bring their own simple or scientific calculator.

  • Select the quiz you want to edit


Select Build

  • Select Settings

  • Find Allow Calculator
  • Toggle this setting to ON:
  • Choose Basic or Scientific calculator types. You can only choose one
    • Remember: your students can bring in their own allowed kinds of personal calculators
  • Select Return in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to save the setting
  • Do NOT make any changes in the LockDown Browser dashboard calculator settings
  • Be sure to select which kind of calculator(s) you want to allow when you submit your exam registration via Registerblast.