What happens if one or more Test Center locations are closed?

Each situation (e.g., weather, power outages, etc.) will require different measures. Several examples below illustrate this point:

  1. If a closure occurs for a short time (up to 4 hours) and affects all Test Center locations, staff will evaluate the impacts on its ability to process the remaining testers in any given block and implement a plan to handle that circumstance
  2. In a closure that significantly impacts the ability to process all affected testers (e.g., a weather event forces a closure for more than 4 hours), staff will devise and implement the best way to handle the number of affected student testers.
  3. If one center loses power, there may be up to three other locations where students can take their exams. Instructors should route traffic to available functioning locations.

In all instances of closures, email communications will be sent by Test Center staff as soon as a specific plan has been put in place. Test Center staff will do their best to convey that information to all student test-takers and ask that instructors help disseminate accurate information to their respective students.