Need a Proctor?

Instructors may require your exam to be proctored, or monitored, in a public location. We facilitate the proctoring process for online distance students and will proctor exams from other schools and programs. However, distance students will need to work with individual proctors/centers on specific charges or fees.

NOTE:  If the exam you need to take is NOT an academic exam for an Iowa State course please use the form provided; otherwise proceed to “Finding a Proctor” below.

1. Find a Proctor

2. Communicate with your Proctor

  • You should share your ISU Net ID (this is the portion of your Iowa State email address prior to the @), the course name(s) and number(s), and the exam format (written, online, etc.)
  • Proctors must have access to the Internet, official email account (not Hotmail, gmail accounts etc.), static IP address for student and proctor computers.
  • For written exams, the proctor needs access to a printer and scanner or fax machine.
  • If he/she is proctoring multiple courses, each course needs to be added to the proctoring system by selecting the CTRL key.
  • For each course, it is assumed proctors will administer ALL exams for the course.
  • Proctors must be renewed each semester for each course.  

3. Take my Exam

  • Emails will be sent to student and proctor confirming the approval.
  • Immediately upon receipt, students should verify their proctor has received an email and notify the ISU testing center of any problems.
  • When the exam is released by the instructor, you and your proctor will be emailed exam instructions.
  • Arrange a time to take the exam with your proctor.

What if you need a substitute proctor?

  • Your proctor is not available: check if another person in the same office can substitute; if so, send their email to the ISU Testing Center.
  • You are away from your proctor: use the normal process to get temporary proctor approval. Contact us when you are ready to reinstate your proctor.