Finals Week Quick Tips

Know our hours of operations and locations or the Testing Centers for Finals week.


 Some instructors will open their exam on the Saturday or Sunday prior to the  beginning of Finals week and there are three Testing Centers open.   If you want to knock out a couple of exams early this might be of help.  CAUTION:  Not all instructors open their exams during this time so you need to ask them if they have made the exam available.



During finals week we have two additional exam locations.   Heady Hall room 68 and Gilman Hall room 2272.   Both of these locations are underutilized during Finals week so we encourage students to try those locations.



Our busiest times are between 10am and 4pm.   We open at 8am and close at 10pm Monday through Thursday and close at 5pm on Friday so you may be better off taking exams during our “off” hours.



Check our website or the MyState app for useful information.



We require that personal electronic devices including watches and cell phones (some calculators are OK) be turned off and stowed in a bag we provide so you might want to speed the check in process by having these items ready to go prior to checking in.   Better still just leave them at home.



Remember, when the doors are locked for the day you will not be allowed in to take an exam.



For more information try out our new Help Desk with FAQs and Searchable Database!

Current Open Seats

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Wednesday and Thursday are our busiest days in the testing center.