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Before Checking In:
  • Have your Student ID out and ready.
  • Turn your phones off.
  • Have any allowed materials (e.g. notes, calculators, pens & pencils) out and ready for inspection.
Checking-in and Checking-out of the Testing Center
  1. Check-in at the front desk
  2. Present your photo ID (student ID, drivers license, or passport are all okay.)
  3. Tell the check-in staff the course name, section, instructor’s name, and which exam you are taking (e.g. Exam 1, Exam 2, etc.)
  4. You will be issued a clipboard with scratch paper that must be returned when you check out. Present your ID to the check-out counter staff and return clipboard and scratch paper.
  5. Please wait to be seated.

The following rules apply to all exams taken in the Testing Center unless an instructor has notified the Center Management of special conditions that alter or change a portion or portions of these rules for a particular exam or exams.

  1. Stow all backpacks, books and other material under your desk. These should not be viewable while you are taking an exam.
  2. During the exam, you are not allowed to get help with test questions by speaking with other people, texting or emailing.
  3. Copying from someone elses exam is strictly prohibited
  4. If you need additional scratch paper, you must get it from one of the proctors. There is no outside scratch paper allowed. All scratch paper must be returned to the proctor upon check-out.
  5. All electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, iPods, etc) must be shut off and stowed away during the exam.
  6. You may not use any removable media (e.g. flash drive, portable hard drive etc.) while taking the exam.
  7. Once the proctor has opened the exam, do not leave it until you have completed and submitted the exam. All extra open windows will have the site location recorded and then the window closed.
  8. Once the exam has started you are not allowed to go to the restroom.
  9. All witnessed infractions of the rules stated above will be reported to the instructor of the course.

Current Open Seats

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Wednesday and Thursday are our busiest days in the testing center.